All You Need To know About Npower

The N – power programme started in Nigeria in 2016 under the Buhari lead administration with the ultimate goal of creating employment for the Nigeria youths.

It was also a part of the social intervention programme (SIP). N – power was designed to provide professional training, skills and funding for the nigeria youths.

The term “N – power” as and abbreviation was coined from two major words, which are “Nigeria” and “empower”. So N was gotten from the first word in Nigeria while power from the last five words in empower.

Since it’s creation, it has helped and empowered over 1 million youths in Nigeria and here are it’s major goals;

– put under control the rate of unemployment among Nigerian graduates and youts who roam the street jobless.

– To train them so that they would be employable.

– To support them with a monthly stipend to enable them to undertake some financial responsibility.

– To complement public service

– To fill the shortage of human resources that were obviously glaring in government facilities like health centres, schools, Agric extension.

Category of N-Power Nigeria

The youth empowerment programme is divided into two

– Graduate category

– Non-graduate category

What is N-Power Graduate?

The graduate category of the programme is designed for those who have a first degree like B.A, BSc, HND, OND, ND, NCE and those with a certificate at health technology schools.

Categories of N-Power Graduate Programme

The graduate programme is further divided into sections which include:

– N-Teach:

This is designed for the beneficiaries that will be posted to assist teachers in primary schools, secondary schools across the country. They are called N-Teachers.

– N-Health:

This category is designed for those who have degrees or diploma in a health-related discipline like Physiology, medical laboratory technology, Anatomy, Lab science etc.

– N-Agro:

Anyone who has a passion for Agric can select this option and can be posted to any of the Agric extension.

Finally Npower is a scheme created by the Federal Government of Nigeria by the led BUHARI Administration to empower it youths and citizens for sustainable development.


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