With the announcement of Npower scheme of batch (c) on the 19 of June 2020, the federal government of Nigeria is set to empower it’s youths across different sectors
of the economy with different skills this will help in human Development.

The federal government of Nigeria is providing its citizens with and enabling environment in order to create jobs across different sectors of the economy and sustainable development.

The announcement came after the previous Npower batch (A) and batch (B) was said to come to an end, on 30 of June due to it time has elapsed.

Npower batch A scheme was said to elapsed 24 months after the announcement due to some reason it was postponed till 30 of June 2020 while the batch (B) scheme which lasted for 24 months will end together with the batch (A) the Npower scheme which has empower 5000 young Nigeria with different skills ranging from





The BUHARI said government has keeps it promises of employment and empowerment of the youth of Nigeria with the emergency of npower and the BUHARI YOUNG FARMERS NETWORK

With the emergence of BUHARI YOUNG FARMERS NETWORK and NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LAND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NALDA), it volunteer scheme which has set its program or project to enhance and engage young Nigeria for better tomorrow the program Which will last for six months will pilot main purpose of NALDA to guarantee food and nutrition security in Country.

With the basic knowledge to help them equipt and to Train them in different sectors of Agricultural the project is expected to recruit 100 young Nigeria from different local government area of Nigeria

The program is said to target 2000 young Nigeria from the six geo political zone of Nigeria with the main purpose to guarantee food and nutrition security in Nigeria.

Click here to register for BUHARI YOUNG FARMERS NETWORK or here for Npower registration 2020 batch (C)


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