Finding a job in Nigeria


When it comes to finding a job it’s all comes back to you. Yes you, I know you will asked why I say you, because before you start finding a job you have to figure out which kind of job you want to do and what you can do

Setting your intentions

Find a job is nice but before doing so, you have to asked yourself which kind of job you want, which company you want to work for what are your career goals.

Looking for job in fast pace you can be caught up in rushed panic, this can result to waste of time by applying to different kinds of jobs that are not filtered or fit for you so I advice writing down your goal or keywords and keep this in back of your mind.

Setting up your perfect resume

Yes before you start applying for a job you need to get your resume right. This is one of the importance things that you need to get right. this document is one of the key things that will help a company notice you.

This one factor most job applicants don’t realize that most companies employ computer software to review resume not people so this are computer bot which scan sort and rank resume if it meet some certain stardard

Taping into community

The best place to get in contact with others people or company is a community by networking, and this community can be of great help to you when it comes to information and learning. Joining different Taylor groups can help in your job search community like linkedin, quora Facebook and Reddit can aid in your job search

Signing up for job listing site

Signing up for job listing site maybe challenging because of so many different jobs listing on the site but I got you covered so all you need to do is to is to set up a job alerts. So many jobs listing site has different of services either way you have to choose which plan is best for you

Practice interviewing

Being optimistic is one of the positive ways to stay when looking for a job, so I will like to say the self practice is a good place to start when it comes in preparation for the interview and with this it got you to prepare for the one moment you are waiting for that the job phone call you are waiting for


List of job listing site to search for jobs in NIGERIA,

In final note if you are looking for job please don’t settle for less because in life all we tend to do is to make us happy why? settling for less job will make you till be in search for job

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