High Paying Medical Jobs in Canada

In this post, we will be looking at some high paying medical jobs in Canada. Why are we interested in medical jobs? Well, for one, a career in healthcare or medicine is appealing for a variety of reasons.

The first is that regardless of specialty, the everyday obligations of medical employment all entail some form of human assistance. Individuals who choose a career in healthcare-related jobs are highly paid for their humanitarian duties both monetarily and in terms of growth opportunities.

Medical Jobs in Canada

Top 10 High Paying Medical Jobs with Little Schooling

Below are some high paying medical jobs with little schooling.

1.) Medical Secretary (Average Annual Salary: $32,653)

A medical secretary’s duties are comparable to those of other administrative jobs. It does, however, need a greater understanding of healthcare systems. Medical secretaries are responsible for scheduling appointments, answering phones, handling invoicing, and creating medical reports.

While there are no formal education requirements for a medical secretary post, a bachelor’s degree is required if you want to advance to the position of executive medical secretary. Various certificates, such as the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), can help you secure a job but are not necessary.

2.) Pharmacy Technician (Average Annual Salary: $34,000)

The next on our list of high paying medical jobs with little schooling are pharmacy technicians.

A pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist with their everyday responsibilities, such as dispensing drugs to patients. Because they work with a lot of potent and federally controlled drugs, it demands that pharmacy technicians should have the ability to follow orders and communicate well with others attentively.

A high school diploma is the only traditional diploma required to become a pharmacy technician. However, you must first obtain a pharmacy technician qualification, which might take four months to two years.

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3.) Phlebotomist (Average Annual Salary: $34,750)

A phlebotomist is a medical technician who draws blood from patients. Following correct techniques for sample storage, monitoring information digitally, and keeping a sterile work environment and instruments are all part of phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy is considered an entry-level position, yet with high employment development and minimal stress, it may also be a rewarding profession.

Phlebotomy programs are generally less than a year-long and culminate in the awarding of a certificate. The particular accreditation you require may differ based on the state or institution for which you desire to work.

4.) Nuclear Medicine Technologist (Average Annual Salary: $75,660)

Nuclear medicine technology is one of high paying medical jobs with little schooling. The desire to serve others and a passion for science are the most significant personality traits in this vocation.

For this position, you will require more education than high school graduation. You can, however, enroll in an approved nuclear medical course or get a university degree.

As a nuclear medicine technician, you will prepare radioactive drugs for patients and administer them before the test. You will also respond to all of your patients’ inquiries.

In addition, after the exam, you will need to explain personal care to these patients. You must also discuss the finest ways for eliminating the radioactive dye from your bodies.

5.) Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (Average Annual Salary: $62 000

A career as a diagnostic medical sonographer is an excellent choice because it is a high paying medical job with little schooling. However, you will need additional education to pursue this career, like Job training, a postsecondary education, or an associate’s degree.

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you will conduct imaging tests to determine what is happening in certain parts of the body. You may be the one to break the wonderful news to your patients that they are pregnant, or you could take photos of muscles, joints, and other organs.

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, you will also take the patient’s medical history and answer any questions you may have before the test.

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6.) Medical Equipment Repairer (Average Annual Salary: $58,820)

Installing and maintaining patient equipment is the responsibility of a Medical Equipment Repairer. This includes everything from basic walkers to complicated devices like MRI machines.

The majority of these positions are at hospitals. Work can also be found at doctor’s offices, doctor’s offices, and some clinics. Although the majority of these occupations are day shifts, there may be moments during the week when they are needed during off-peak hours or on weekends.

Medical Equipment Repairer is one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling. Medical device repair professionals have promising job prospects since the field is predicted to expand over the next 10 years.

As a Medical Equipment Repairer, you might be the person in charge of troubleshooting and issue resolution. As a medical equipment repair specialist, you will utilize a variety of tools.

7.) Medical Assistant (Average Annual Salary: $36,542)

Medical Assistant is one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling. As the name suggests, a medical assistant helps a physician in a hospital or clinic. They are typically the first individuals’ patients encounter when they arrive at a hospital.

A medical assistant’s responsibilities include monitoring patients’ vital signs, recording and maintaining records of patients’ medical histories, explaining treatment methods to patients, advising patients on medicine and diets, collecting and preparing lab tests, and so on.

A certificate or an associate degree from a community college can help you get started in this job. Annual salary is on average.

8.) Radiation Therapist (Average Annual Salary: $80,570)

This profession is significantly quite sophisticated and ranks first on our list of high paying medical jobs with little schooling. Radiation is utilized in x-rays as well as the treatment of specific disorders such as cancer, which you will be provided to patients.

Attending a community college can help you develop the essential abilities, and you may wish to earn an associate’s degree for a job as a radiation therapist.

9.) Dental Assistant (Average Annual Salary: $36,542)

In contrast to a medical assistant, which appears to be more generic, a dental assistantship is more specific, and you will be working under the supervision of a professional dentist. You will be in charge of merging clinical and administrative responsibilities, such as preparing and keeping a dentist’s instruments, managing patient data, arranging appointments, and so on.

It’s essentially the same job as a medical assistant. However, you’ll be taught and equipped with abilities related to the dental field of medicine and how to assist dentists. Being a dental assistant made our list of high paying jobs with little schooling.

10.) Histology Technicians (Average Annual Salary: $45,620 to $54,180)

A histology technician, often known as a histotechnician, prepares biological samples (such as cells and tissues) for microscopic inspection. Meanwhile, histotechnologists prepare and examine these samples to help in diagnosis. Both specialists have a critical role in recognizing anomalies in cells and tissues, which is critical for diagnosis and therapy. Like other clinical laboratory technicians, histology technologists often need a postsecondary credential and training to be started.

Some companies in their sector of business need an associate degree. A bachelor’s degree is often necessary to get started as a histology technician due to the extended duties. A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, qualifies technicians for a better salary.


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