How to Apply For Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants 2022/2023 Registration Online

Those wishing to apply for Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants 2022/2023 Registration should verify that the institution to which they are applying for Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants which is provided and organised by the Government of Canada. They must then inform the institution that they wish to be considered for Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants by applying online. The educational award applications are open for the academic session 2022/2023.

Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants 2022 Nomination process

Candidates must be nominated by a Canadian institution with a quota* to host Vanier scholars. Candidates should only seek a nomination from the institution at which they want to study.

*The term “quota” refers to the maximum number of nominations an institution can forward to the national competition.


About the Full Vanier Canada 2022/2023 Scholarship Grants Updates 

The Government of Canada is now accepting applications for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships. Both international and Home can apply for the scholarships. The Vanier Scholarship is for a Doctoral Degree (PhD) or Combined MA/Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. or Masters, leading to PhD.

The Government of Canada announced 166 scholarships. Fields and majors which are included in the scholarships are Health Research, Social Sciences, Engineering Research, Natural sciences, or Humanities. Also, the duration of the scholarship is 3 years only. The University encourages you to apply for these Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 2021. This Scholarship is the Same as Erasmus Scholarships.

Eligible Criteria for 2022/2023 Vanier Canada Scholarship Grants Updates 

  • Eligible Countries: Students from across the globe are eligible to apply for this scholarship position, Also Canadian students can also apply
  • Available Courses: Vanier Canada graduate scholarships 2021 from government of Canada (fully funded) list of courses are:
    • Natural sciences
    • Health Research
    • Social Sciences
    • Engineering Research
    • Humanities Research

Scholarship Perks

Each recipients will have the following benefits for Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada:

  1. The value of the Scholarships 2022 is $50,000.
  2. Living Expenses
  3. University Fees
  4. Housing

Tenure of Scholarship

The total duration of the scholarship is 3 Years. You can apply for MS leading to PhD and for PhD in it.

In addition, But if you are going for MS leading to PhD, then the duration of this MS leading to PhD will be over 3 Years. But Vanier funding is only for 3 years.

Search for extra funding for extra years with MS leading to a PhD. Maybe a Canadian professor can give you some insights about it. But for PhD, you can avail of it for the full-time duration, which is three years.

Click Here To Apply.

Application Deadline: The closing date for application of this Scholarship programme is not specified at this this moment.

There are two deadlines pertaining to the 2022-2023 competition:

  1. Institution internal deadline: Following the student’s identification in ResearchNet of the institution proposed for doctoral study (see Task 10), an additional deadline date and time will appear at the top of each page. This is the deadline by which your application must be submitted to the institution through ResearchNet. This deadline is set and controlled by each institution. You will not be able to submit your application past this precise date and time.
  2. Program deadline: Institutions must forward their selected nominations to the Vanier CGS program by November 2, 2022 (20:00 Eastern Time).


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