The leap African social Innovator program has started its yearly scholarship program to create opportunities and platform for young African to develop in the educational services.

The leap African is a youth focus leadership nonprofit organizations with a mission to inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of leaders with skills and the tools for personal, organizations and community transformation.

Mission and vision

To be recognized as the premier resource centre for developing dynamic, innovative and principled leaders, who will drive Africa’s realization of its full potential.

                                        ABOUT THE PROGRAMME

Over the past six (6) years, LEAP Africa has partnered with Union Bank Nigeria, other corporate sponsors and development champions, to enable these young change-makers to transition their society.

This year, the fellowship will open up to receive applications from English speaking West African countries.

Fellows are empowered through a series of training sessions (physical and online), mentorship, access to local & international funding and partnership opportunities, and importantly the opportunity to be a part of a global network of social change agents. These activities culminate into an award ceremony where outstanding Fellows are rewarded with seed grants and showcased. The initiatives of Fellows cover various aspects of the society, such as Agriculture, Youth Empowerment, Education, Science & Technology, Health, Law, Human Rights, among others.

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                                          PROGRAM CRITERIA


Level of creativity/innovation applied and their entrepreneurial approach towards social change.

Experience mobilizing people and resources to achieve set goals.

Applicants must give compelling reasons why they would like to participate in the fellowship programme and also show a strong desire to increase the impact of their change initiative.

Demonstrate a passion for social change and active participation in community building
Willingness to implement appropriate systems and structures to sustain the innovation developed

If interested you can apply through here


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