NALDA recruitment jobs update 2020

Get all information about NALDA recruitment jobs update here.NALDA which stands for National Agricultural land Development Authority was a project led by the ministry of Agriculture in sustainable development in other in combat shortage in the Agricultural sector of the country

The main goal or target by NALDA jobs recruitment exercise that is going on in the country was to to create jobs across the six Geo political zone of the federal republic of Nigeria and to empower the youth, in sustainable development,and to grow the economy of federal republic of Nigeria

On Monday been the 29 of June 2020 the NALDAL announced through its social media channel that the ongoing jobs recruitment exercise will be soon released names of it successfully beneficiary for the first phase of the BYFN program .

And on that day it announcement through its media platforms that the ongoing jobs recruitment exercise is free for all that you don’t need to pay money to anyone in order to be selected.

On that same day it was made clear by NALDA that some fraudulent persons are collecting people’s bank and BVN numbers and even money with the promise of getting them a loan from NALDA. This is to inform the general public that this is not from NALDA and registering with such person it at your own risk

The scheme which has two main phase which is BUHARI YOUNG FARMERS NETWORK and the NALDA volunteer program that will last for six months during this period the young farmers are expected to gain the necessary skills and knowledge

the the program will tactically organize broad-based volunteer services of eligible Nigerians to meet the targets of the three main pilot projects of NALDA to guarantee food and nutrition security in Nigeria.

The registration is till ongoing
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