Nigeria Institute Of Animal Science (NIAS) jobS 2020


The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science was established by the National Assembly Act No. 26 of 2007 under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a regulatory agency for Animal Science practice

with powers to regulate all matters pertaining to Animal husbandry in Nigeria. The Act is predicated on 3 core mandates

Professional mandates

Industry mandates

Social mandates

Mission and vision

The mission of Nigeria institute of animal science was to regulate and supervise Animals husbandry to aid efficiency and productivity and sustainability and to be be the foremost regulatory Institution for Animal Science and Husbandry practice in Africa that will improve the standard of living of its people.


Prescribe the code of conduct for Animal Scientists;

Regulate the practice of the profession for Animal Scientists;

Establish and maintain a register of Animal Science Practitioners under this Act according to their various ranks and regulate the prerogatives and privileges pertaining to those ranks;

Ensure that Animal Science Practitioners in Nigeria uphold the ethics of the profession and guarantee the production of high quality animal proteins;

Advance the education, science, technology and art of Animal Science and livestock production;

Promote the production of Animal;

Promote rapid production of high quality Animal proteins through scientific methods, and regulate all issues pertaining to Animal husbandry in Nigeria;

Ongoing jobs recruitment

Right now there is no current job recruitment going on now but you can click here to get their latest developments


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