Study Abroad FAQ: Funding My Education Overseas

Here we will be helping you with Study Abroad FAQ. We do commend your efforts done so far as regards your application to foreign universities abroad. It has not been an easy journey and we advise you do not allow stress to overtake your dreams and academic goals.

We are aware that studying abroad can be expensive, yet regardless of your pocket size, there are various ways you can pay your tuition fees even while enrolled in school. Here is a list of funding options you can consider;


This is the most familiar funding option which many Africans have enjoyed. Scholarship opportunities are usually offered to students either as fully-funded scholarships (or all-expense-paid), or partial scholarships which can be either 50% of total expense or an automatic tuition discount.

The fully-funded scholarship opportunities are made available by the school, government bodies or NGOs. To apply, we advise you to read through the Terms and Conditions attached to this application process and confirm the fee value to be awarded. Most importantly you will need to have a conditional offer letter first before you apply for the scholarship. We can help you send applications to certain schools so as to get an offer letter.

On the other hand, the partial scholarship awarded is usually given to students either as an automatic tuition discount at the initial application stage. A good example is the average sum of 2,000 Pounds awarded to African students by our partner UK schools applying for 2022/2023 intake.

Some schools even go the extra mile of increasing the tuition discount to 5,000 Pounds if the postgraduate students finished with a 2nd-Class Upper or a First-Class Grade. Of course, this tuition discount will be stated on the student’s offer letter. Moreso, schools (such as in the USA, Canada, etc) they offer bursaries and merit scholarships to students who have commendable academic records.

We hope this helps with the basic info about applying for fully-funded scholarships. We will discuss other funding options in later articles. You can subscribe to our mailing list so as to get updates real-time or fill this contact form to speak with a Student counsellor.


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