Are you a job seeker looking to work with one of the far-most credible insurance company in Nigeria, lead way insurance is looking to fill the position of SYSTEMS AUDITOR continuous reeding to see the guideline below.
General Description of the job
Conducts evaluation of the company’s information system, internal controls and management procedures to ascertain accuracy, validity, the effectiveness of controls, system reliability and data integrity.
The SYSTEMS AUDITOR we Collect and evaluates evidence of the organization’s information systems, practices, and operations to ensure whether the organization’s information systems safeguard assets, maintains data integrity, and are operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives.

key competencies required – Technical
1 Data collection and analysis
2 Competence in Interviewing
3 Competence in report writing
4 Knowledge of and ability to apply relevant audit standards and guidance
5 Ability to gather and evaluate evidence
6 Risk Assessment and internal control
7 Ability to conform to established professional Codes of Ethics

1 Work with Developers/administrators of ALL applications
2 Liaise with the users across all departments during interviews, investigations etc.
3 Relate with vendors/suppliers of systems such as ACL etc.
4 Work with ERM team in various ERM functions such as review/update/assessment of ERM documents, procedures and activities such as Risk register, DR/BCP etc.
5 Relate with help desk staff on various user issues.


Bachelor’s degree preferably in Information Systems Management (Computer Science, Electronics/Electrical Engineering), etc.
Good communication skill – i.e. for Interviewing
Knowledge of CAAT – ACL
(computer-aided audit tools & technique)

Minimum of 2 years working experience in a top 4 audit function with experience in providing assurance and auditing of information systems


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